Build a System that Gets You Sales on Autopilot

It is time to stop trying to beat the algorithms and build a sales system that gets you new clients and customers every single day using the power of digital advertising.


Attention small business owners!

Are you ready to have a sales machine that generates more leads, traffic, and sales on auto-pilot EVERY single day?

So you can spend more time working on what you love, growing your team, and less time on your never-ending to-do list!

Because I bet your marketing journey has looked something like this:

You’ve spent hours doing all the things you’re supposed to do like updating your website, posting on social media, and sending emails to your customers, but you’re not seeing the growth you want and you’re definitely not seeing a return on your efforts as quickly as you’d like.

So you go searching for an answer.

You watch 15 YouTube videos, listen to 10 different podcasts, read 25 articles about how to grow your small business, and download more free guides than you’d like to admit.

By the end of it, you’re exhausted from consuming so much content and are even more confused than before on how to get the results you want.

You know your business would grow if just more people knew about what you offer, but you have no clue how to make it happen.

So you go back to posting on social media because if you post then the customers will come, right?

Not quite.

And here’s why...less than 5% of your page fans actually see your posts.

That’s right, all the beautiful pictures you edited and captions you wrote and rewrote 10 different times are barely being seen by anyone -- not even your fans and followers who you worked so hard to get! 

Now maybe you’re super savvy and have an email list, so you think it’ll be different for you. But, on average, only 20% of people are opening your emails. 

So you’re missing out on 95% of your social media audience and 80% of your email list seeing your content and offers. And these are people who have raised their hand and said they are interested in learning more about what you sell.

No wonder you’re not seeing the growth in your sales!

Imagine being able to reach the RIGHT people, and a LOT of the RIGHT people, spending less money, and half the time on your marketing.

I know you started your business to help people, spend more time with your family than at an office, and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

But you need more sales to do it. And you need a sales machine to do it so you don’t have to overwork to hit your sales goals every month.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: You don’t have to be a marketing expert to spend less time on your business and make more money!

AND you can reach the people who have raised their hand to say they are interested in what you have to offer.

You can learn the system to reach the rest of your audience and have a sales machine that generates more leads, traffic, and sales on auto-pilot every single day.

So you can ditch...

    • Being unsatisfied with the results of your current marketing efforts and growing too slowly.
    • Spending too much on your marketing without seeing an increase in sales.
    • Wasting hours watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, and downloading free guides trying to figure out how to grow your business and instead have a proven blueprint on how to make it happen with step-by-step guidance and support

Sound familiar?

I know that spot you’re in right now. The ‘not quite ready to hire someone for marketing’, but too much on your plate to spend time figuring it out.

You’re ready to reach your ideal customers, a lot of them, spending less money, and half the time on your marketing.


You go to sleep confident you’re reaching more customers and clients, and you wake up to sales in the bank without you personally making a hard pitch and spending hours creating content. 

Your business has consistent leads, traffic, and sales so it doesn’t yo-yo from month to month. Because you’re not guessing or hoping anymore, you know the sales are coming. 

And you see results like:

  • E-commerce sales increasing by more than 1,000% in two months
  • Appointments and sales for your service business up by 45% in just one month
  • Selling more than $1 million in online courses in less than two years
  • Growing a membership site to over 1,000 people in less than six months

Your business has consistent leads, traffic, and sales, and doesn’t yo-yo from month to month. Because you’re not guessing or hoping anymore, you know the sales are coming in from the sales machine you’ve built.

It IS possible.


Digital Advertising Made Easy

The comprehensive program for creating and launching successful digital advertising campaigns that automate your marketing efforts without adding another 10 things to your to-do list.

I started the Digital Advertising Made Easy program to give you step-by-step guidance on everything you need to know about digital advertising and Facebook & Instagram ads WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars and waste hours and hours of your time. 

Here’s how Digital Advertising Made Easy is different from other courses:

  • It gives you A to Z step-by-step video instructions on everything you need to know about Facebook & Instagram ads and how to start right now.
  • It helps you choose the best types of campaigns, who to target and how much to spend based on your type of business and goals
  • It helps you automate your marketing efforts so you don’t add another 10 things to your to-do list.
  • It shows you the biggest mistakes to avoid that can cost you thousands of dollars.
  • You’re part of a community. A community of other business owners and marketing experts, so you can get your questions answered fast instead of going to down the Google rabbit hole

Maybe you’ve tried boosting posts on Facebook and only seen an increase in likes and comments, but no sales. 

Those days are over.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to create a sales machine that generates more leads, traffic, and sales on auto-pilot every single day.

You’ll know exactly how to reach EVERYONE who has shown interest in your product or service and get them to buy this time.

And you’ll learn how to build a sales system that works for your business to get customers through the door (who do more than window shop), book sales calls with your ideal client, or turn webshop browsers into buyers that come back for more.

No more late nights worrying about how next week’s sales will be, your ads strategy, and your money, will work smarter and harder while you sleep and actually work on what you love.


Get a proven sales system that puts money in the bank while you do less marketing.

The Digital Advertising Made Easy program provides you step-by-step guidance to ditch the slow growth and start getting leads and sales for your business on autopilot.
Here’s the deal, you could spend countless hours trying to figure it out yourself or $2,500+ hiring a consultant or...
You can join the Digital Advertising Made Easy program and get INSTANT access to a proven sales system and an advertising and marketing expert who is there to help you every step of the way. 


Reach the RIGHT people, and a LOT of the RIGHT people, spending less money, and half the time on your marketing no matter what type of business you’re in!

Have a local brick and mortar business?

You’ll learn:
- How to get more foot traffic into your store or restaurant
- How to increase attendance at your events
- How to promote offers and sales

Run an e-commerce shop?

You’ll learn:
- How to get more consistent website traffic
- How to convert site visitors into buyers using retargeting
- How to promote offers and sales

Need leads for your online service business?

You’ll learn:
- How to create a lead magnet to get new potential clients into your pipeline
- How to increase phone calls and meeting requests for your services

Need to increase enrollment for your online course?

You’ll learn:
- How to create a high converting lead magnet to grow your email list and get new customers into your sales funnel
- How to convert those who opt-in into paying customers


Need some numbers to appeal to your logical business side? I’ve got you…

  • 78% of consumers say they’ve discovered new products on Facebook
  • 60% of users learn about new products through Instagram

  • Less than 2% of people who hear about you and what you offer are going to purchase immediately.

  • 68% of US adults use Facebook and 60% of US adults use Instagram, And 3/4 of them use these platforms daily! 

Numbers don’t lie, and these numbers with the right sales system can take your business from surviving to thriving.

What you'll receive as a
Digital Advertising Made Easy Member

Where to spend your time and money

We'll show you the exact strategies that are working for our clients and help you understand which digital marketing tactics will have the biggest impact on your business based on your type of business, budget, and goals. No more guessing, because you’ll know where you should focus your time and money to get the results you need to grow.

Step-by-step video trainings and live Q&A sessions

You can read a thousand articles telling you WHAT to do, but they don't show you HOW to do it. We'll show you exactly how to implement marketing strategies and a proven sales system for your own business through step-by-step video trainings.

Join a community and learn what is working for other businesses

You'll have the opportunity to meet and learn from other entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing managers, ask questions, learn what is working for them, and get support inside our private community.

YES! I WANT TO JOIN (Save Another $185!)


Posting on social media is like whispering in a large crowd and hoping someone will hear you. You need a megaphone to get your message heard. Digital advertising is your megaphone!

What people are saying...

What's Included?

Everything you need to succeed!

  • Step-by-step video trainings that will show you exactly WHAT you should be doing and HOW to implement it for your own business
  • Members-only website that holds all of the course material and that you can access at anytime
  • 6 weeks access to the Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to the membership site, all the course material, and all updates.

What you’ll know in hours that can make you sales in weeks instead of months:

  • Important digital marketing terms you need to understand
  • Fundamentals of Facebook & Instagram ads and How to Use Ads manager
  • Deep dive into choosing the type of campaigns to run and who to target based on your goal and budget
  • How to attract your ideal customers and clients by building ads that get them to take action
  • What is a pixel and how to use it


And get these bonuses when you join now!


Bonus #1: Private Community

Get your questions answered as you go through the trainings and meet other members inside the Digital Advertising Made easy private community!

Bonus #2: Google Ads Training

Want to know the quickest way to show up on page one of the search results? Paying for Google search ads.

Bonus #3: Social Media Calendar

Never be stumped again on what to post.

Pay in Full Bonus:

$5 per day Ad Strategy that you can get up and running in just one day! 


Sneak peek inside the membership site:


Hi, I'm Anna!

The founder of Advisori, an MBA, and marketing veteran who has worked with over 100 clients placing over $15 million in advertising including over $1 million in Facebook + Instagram ads.

I started the Digital Advertising Made Easy membership to give entrepreneurs and small + local businesses the same expertise and guidance the big guys get when it comes to marketing and advertising, so you can build the business of your dreams without having to spend $1000s!


6 monthly payments of $197 or one payment of $997. 

You have lifetime access to the all of the training materials and 6 weeks access to the Facebook group (with the opportunity to continue your membership), so you can through it as quickly or as slowly as you'd like!

Almost any business who wants to increase traffic, lead, and sales, improve their marketing, or even offer marketing expertise to other businesses! 

We have specific trainings for local brick & mortars, lead generation (service based businesses), e-commerce, and online courses & programs.

This is not for MLMs.

Absolutely! We have members from around the world and experience across the globe, so we can answer your market specific questions!

Here’s the thing, life gets crazy. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but how you spend it is based on what you prioritize. If growing your business is your priority, then Digital Marketing Made Easy is for you!

You get immediate access to everything the minute you join, so you can get start today!

Feel free to message us here. Or email us at [email protected]



Join Digital Advertising Made Easy today for just 6 payments of $197 or one payment of $997!

This is your chance to join at this price and create a sales system that brings customers and clients through the door while you sleep.

Don’t let another day go by before you ditch slow growth and reach the right people and grow your business on autopilot!


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